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Verizon Roaming

Verizon Wireless offers roaming services in more than 200 countries - you just need a global ready device to connect in other countries.

Global roaming charges can quickly add up! Consider adding a global voice and data plan to save money while you travel.

To contact Verizon Wireless while travelling outside the US, call 1-908-559-4899.

Note: 4G LTE devices will fall back to 3G/2G speeds when roaming globally.

International Roaming

Pay per use rates while roaming internationally:

Global Voice

Global voice rates vary while roaming. Please visit Verizon Wireless' pricing by country chart for current rates to the country you are visiting.

Global Messaging
  • $0.50 per Text (SMS) message sent (per recipient) and $0.05 per SMS received
  • $0.25 per Multimedia (MMS) sent (per recipient) and $0.25 per MMS received

Global Data
  • $0.002/KB ($2.05/MB) for data usage in all countries and select airlines

Cruise Ship Rates
  • $2.99 per minute voice airtime pricing
  • $0.50 per Text message sent
  • $0.05 per message received
View cruise ship coverage >

International Roaming for Prepaid

Make calls and stay connected while travelling outside of the U.S. at these per minute rates:
  • $0.69 per minute voice rate while roaming in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands
  • $0.50 per message sent (per recipient) and $0.05 per message received in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands
Note: Messaging bundles and plan minutes do not apply to International Services. Data services (including picture and video messaging) and features are not available when roaming internationally.

Worldwide Access Numbers

If your device is lost, stolen, broken, or you experience a device issue while you are travelling abroad, please use the instructions below to reach our Global Support Team from a landline phone.

To Reach the Global Support Team:
  1. Dial your country's toll-free number.
  2. Enter your 10-digit mobile number when prompted by the Global Roaming Hotline.
Worldwide Access Toll-Free Number List

If the toll-free number is not available for the country you are in, please dial 908.559.4899 (toll charges will apply).


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