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Verizon Travel Add-Ons

Prepaid TravelPass

$5 per day per line
The $5 Mexico and Canada TravelPass is now available for Prepaid accounts too! You'll get unlimited talk, unlimited text, and be able to use data based on your monthly plan's allowance while you roam in Mexico or Canada. You will only need to pay for the days that this service is used while travelling.
4G LTE World Device and active prepay smartphone plan required. Check your device compatibility here.
Data speeds will be reduced to 2G after the first 1/2 GB of high-speed data used daily.


$5/$10 per day per line
Now your wireless plan travels just like you do. In Mexico and Canada, and in more than 65 countries you can take your domestic Talk, Text and Data allowances with you. You’re only charged on the days you use your device abroad.
Talk, Text & Data based on your domestic plan's allowance.
  • $5/day per device: Mexico and Canada¹
  • $10/day per device: Over 100 other countries
See all countries included in TravelPass.
4G LTE World Device required. Must be on qualifying plan.
¹Included without a daily fee on the Verizon Unlimited plan.

Monthly International Travel Packs

70/$130 per user per month
Stay connected while traveling in 185+ countries.
Both packages include unlimited received text messages.
  • $70/month per user*: 500 MB, 100 minutes, 100 sent texts
  • $130/month per user*: 2 GB, 250 minutes, 100 sent texts
Overages: $25 per 500 MB, 35¢/minute, 6¢/text (outgoing).

Pay as You Go

If you choose not to add TravelPass or a Monthly International Travel Bundle you'll pay Pay as You Go rates.
Canada, Mexico, Northern Mariana Islands and Guam
Talk: $0.99/min
Text: $0.50 sent/$0.05 received
Data: $2.05/MB
130+ Countries
Talk: $1.79/min
Text: $0.50 sent/$0.05 received
Data: $2.05/MB
80+ Countries
Talk: $2.99/min
Text: $0.50 sent/$0.05 received
Data: $2.05/MB
Additional data charges apply for multimedia messages sent while outside the US. Please consider subscribing to an International Data Plan if you plan to send multimedia messages (MMS) while traveling outside the US. Pay as you go rates apply without TravelPass, an allowance plan, when in countries not included, or when an allowance plan expires.

Cruise Ship Preferred Pricing

You can talk, message and use data on more than 400 cruise ships.
  • Voice: $2.99/minute
  • Text Messaging: $0.50/sent message, $0.05/received message
4G LTE World Device required.
To see the list of Cruise Ships covered by these rates, click here.


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