Belkin Mixit Duratek 4ft Metallic Lightning to USB Cable


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Key Features

Not just any charge cable DuraTek cables were forged from superior quality materials for ultimate durability. Kevlar fibers reinforce the inner wiring for added strength abrasion-resistant nylon forms a tough outer jacket and highly flexible insulation minimizes damage from friction.

The strength created by these resilient ingredients is further enhanced by smart design details to reinforce the cable at its stress points.

This ensures the finished product can withstand even the most demanding routines and perform above and beyond expectation to deliver a cable that borders on indestructible.

Product Features

  • Kevlar a high strength synthetic fiber used as a reinforcing agent to strengthen the conductors and enhance protection
  • Drain wiring helps with added protection
  • Insulated conductors reduce friction while creating added flexibility and protection Shield-braid and metalized Mylar shielding help to protect the cable from external electro magnetic interference
  • Thermoplastic elastomer TPE cable jacket is soft pliable and environmentally friendly Double-braided nylon exterior is abrasion resistant reducing fraying and lasting longer

Charging Connection Lightning
Cord Length 4 feet