Gadget Guard LG G7 ThinQ Black Ice Plus Edition Tempered Glass Screen Guard


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Key Features

The Gadget Guard Black Ice edition glass screen guard offers superior protection for a user's device. The optical-grade tempered glass is incredibly strong, scratch-resistant and treated to repel annoying smudges. The Black Ice glass screen protector allows for simple install; just lay the glass screen over the touch screen tap it in place and it will affix itself to the touch screen.

Black Ice edition black screens are so strong, Gadget Guard is willing to bet $100 that the screens won't break. In the rare event this happens Gadget Guard will send a $100 check upon receiving the repair receipt or the damaged phone, should they decide to replace it.
Product Features

    Accidental damage coverage for screen repair or phone replacement - $100 check for consumers
  • Superior Gadget Guard protection Optical grade tempered glass
  • Simple installation
  • Gadget Guard Black Ice Tempered Glass Screen Guard Best Practices: Register the PIN in-store during install process. Keep the guard on the device. Hang on to packaging which includes 1-800 number and instructions

Height 5.69 inches
Width 2.81 inches
Depth 0.06 inches
Weight 0.148 ounces
Material Tempered Glass
Packaging Dimensions
Packaging Height 7.75 inches
Packaging Width 4.25 inches
Packaging Depth 0.5 inches