Gadget Guard Galaxy S9+ Black Ice Plus Cornice 2.0 Full Adhesive Curved Tempered Glass Screen Guard


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Key Features

Gadget Guard's Black Ice Plus Cornice Curved Tempered Glass Screen Guard is incredibly strong, scratch resistant and treated to repel annoying smudges. If a phone screen breaks while being protected by a registered Black Ice Cornice Edition, users just follow the simple steps enclosed to submit a warranty claim and Gadget Guard will send a check to use towards the repair or replacement of the device.

Product Features

  • Custom designed and manufactured. Made from film used to protect U.S. Military equipment.
  • Smooth surface with UV protection to prevent film yellowing.
  • Kit Includes: Film Installation, Squeegee, Microfiber Cloth, Detailed Installation Instructions.

  • Dimensions
    Height 5.8 inches
    Width 2.7 inches