Fortress - Level Oath Glass Screen Protector 200 Guarantee For Apple iPhone 11 Pro / XS / X - Clear


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Key Features

Fortress - Level OATH Glass Screen Protector 200 Guarantee Fortress Level Flat tempered glass with the 200 OATH protects a device8217s screen. Product Features 1 AMAZING Tempered Glass Screen Protector w/ Fortress Focus that green thing attached to the glass it helps get the perfect install 1 Wipe Prep Formula antibacterial agent nanometer activator degreasing agent antistatic agent 2 Tactical Dust Removal Stickers that dust has GOT TO GO! 1 Microfiber cloth 1 OATH Registration From time to time the Unexpected sneaks one past Fortress and damages something they protect. This is their OATH that they are striving to keep that from happening and makes sure Fortress feel a little pain when users do to keep Fortress on their toes!

Height 8 inches
Width 3.86 inches
Depth 0.54 inches
Weight 2.4 ounces