weBoost DB Pro 4G Directional Med/Lg Home


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Key Features

The Wilson Electronics DB Pro™ 4G cellular signal booster improves coverage – including 4G, 3G and 2G data downloads – for subscribers of all U.S. mobile carriers (except Clearwire).  The DB Pro 4G works with all cellular devices, and supports multiple simultaneous connections across multiple carriers as well. The DB Pro 4G will amplify signal throughout an entire home or office, providing reliable voice and data coverage inside some of today’s energy efficient but cellular unfriendly buildings. Outside antenna choices include omni-directional or Yagi directional. The inside panel antenna, which rebroadcasts the amplified cell signal inside the building, is designed for optional flush mounting in the ceiling or wall. Components are connected using standard TV (RG-6) coax cable, which is often pre-wired in buildings.With the DB Pro 4G, you’ll see fewer dropped calls, faster downloads and a stronger, more reliable cellular signal indoors.  Features FCC certified to 2014 technical specs Boosts signal – including 4G – for all major U.S. cell carriers (except Clearwire®) U.S.-based tech support & customer service All needed components included in package DIY installation   460103

Weight 20.48 ounces
Wireless Capability No