Women in Wireless

Series Six - Heather R. 

What does it mean to be a woman in the technological field? For most of the world, it means being part of the 5:1 statistic. Meaning, for every five men in technology, there is only one woman. When I first saw this, I have to admit, I was pretty discouraged. Being a young woman, in this field, I was mortified by what it might mean for my future. 

As I began my journey with TEAM, some things started to change my perspective. I was in awe by the number of women who held admirable leadership roles. I have come to realize that these integral women are the lifeblood of some of the most important facets of the company. 

Recently, I caught up with a few of these incredible women to do a short email interview about what their experience has been like within the company. 

From humble beginnings in the smallest footprint location in the company, Heather grew into one of the top performing forces within TEAM. The years of achievements that she has accumulated are a shining example to how hard of a worker she is, even pulling a 5 year stint on most Wireless Home Phones sold. Think we should rename it the Wireless Heather Phone at this point? We certainly think so. Heather faces adversity with a calm and cool head, works hands-on with her sales teams, and will almost always provide a “yes” to any crazy adventure you can think of. She is an amazing role model to many in this company, and we are so thankful for her time. 

Below are her responses:

Q: How long have you been with TEAM?

Heather: Since October 2011

Q: What led you to starting at TEAM?

Heather:  A family member told me a new Verizon store was opening in my town. At the time it was a different retailer. I interviewed and will never forget, they asked me what kind of phone I had and I didn’t even know what model it was. I thought for sure I wouldn’t get the job because I’d forgotten the name of my Samsung “mythic” glorified basic phone. I was hired and went through two transitions of ownership before getting to TEAM. 

Q: What role were you in when you first came to the company?

Heather: Sales rep for about a month if I recall. 

    Q: What position are you in currently?

    Heather: District manager

Q: Did you foresee yourself ever working in technology/retail? Why/why not?

Heather: I did not. I fell into sales by happenstance at a car rental agency in Minneapolis. It’s a far cry from the professional translating I thought I was going to get into after highschool. Still comes in handy when guests accidentally switch their phone to Spanish or Portuguese. 

Q: What would you consider the biggest challenge within your current role? 

Heather: Keeping all of the plates spinning at the same time. 

Q: Is there any leader that you particularly look up to or strive to emulate within your life/career? (Either with TEAM or within the world)

Heather: Jody. She’s been my supervisor for many years now and always has the answers. I’d say Charlie as well, but he’s not a huge fan of compliments ;)

Q: What’s your favorite memory with the company? 

Heather: Too many to list. The decathlon at the manager conference was a blast. Zip lining for the first time. Having the opportunity to go to Arizona and Colorado with fellow TEAM members. Any time I make a big sale and the guest walks away happy or now, in my current position, helping a sales rep do the same. Seeing a best practice I share “click” and work for a sales rep or manager. 

Q: What’s your hometown/what brought you to the area you’re currently in? 

Heather: Hometown is Bursnville, MN. Long story short, my mom is originally from Iron River. 

Q: What challenges led you to grow into the person you are both within and outside of the company? 

Heather: So as to not get into too lengthy of an answer, I’ll just say, any time I fail, I make it my mission to succeed the next time. Life is full of challenges. 

Bonus Questions:

Q: Which Office character do you find yourself most like?

Heather: Truth be told, I’ve never watched a single episode of the office. 

Q: If you could only pick one, which ice cream flavor would you go for?

Heather: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Q: Alright, so how do you like your pizza?

Heather: Pepperoni, black olives, green olives, pepperoncini, fresh mushrooms

We are so appreciative for this amazing lady’s time!

Follow along for another interview of Women in Wireless next Wednesday! 

Written by:

Madison Eazsol

Marketing Coordinator 

TEAM Wireless, Verizon Authorized Retailer