Women in Wireless

Series Four - Shannon L. 

What does it mean to be a woman in the technological field? For most of the world, it means being part of the 5:1 statistic. Meaning, for every five men in technology, there is only one woman. When I first saw this, I have to admit, I was pretty discouraged. Being a young woman, in this field, I was mortified by what it might mean for my future. 

As I began my journey with TEAM, some things started to change my perspective. I was in awe by the number of women who held admirable leadership roles. I have come to realize that these integral women are the lifeblood of some of the most important facets of the company. 

Recently, I caught up with a few of these incredible women to do a short email interview about what their experience has been like within the company. 

Shannon L. is the star of this interview, and for good reason. She is the picture of positivity almost constantly, and always provides a laugh to those around. Shannon truly shapes the beginning of every TEAM member’s journey with the company. We are so appreciative of her and what she does for our TEAM. 

Below are her responses:

Q: How long have you been with TEAM?

Shannon: I started with TEAM May 1st of 2012 and in Wireless since 2009.

Q: What led you to starting at TEAM?

Shannon: I was part of the acquisition of Wireless Advantage. I was really nervous about starting for a new company since our company was very family oriented. I quickly came to see that TEAM was very similar. 

Q: What role were you in when you first came to the company?

Shannon: I started in Eagle River as ASM. (Assistant Store Manager)

    Q: What position are you in currently?

    Shannon: I worked my way up to Manager, then Trainer and now Training Manager.

Q: Did you foresee yourself ever working in technology/retail? Why/why not?

Shannon: I never thought I would but I saw it as a career opportunity so I took the leap. 

Q: What would you consider the biggest challenge within your current role? 

Shannon: Currently it is making sure that we keep our classes (New Hire & Coaching) going and to the same standard that we did prior to the pandemic. 

Q: Is there any leader that you particularly look up to or strive to emulate within your life/career? (Either with TEAM or within the world)

Shannon: My dad is always someone that has taught me to work hard and to believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. He also taught me to look at things from other perspectives. Within TEAM, Josh S. is someone who really helped me develop as a Manager and Charlie K. has been someone who has helped me develop as a Training Manager. He is the one that I can bounce ideas off of and he always has feedback for me. 

Q: What’s your favorite memory with the company? 

Shannon: 2014 Summer Conference "TEAM's Epic Tug of War" Nothing like seeing Charlie K. scream into Josh S.’s face about not giving up! 

Q: What’s your hometown/what brought you to the area you’re currently in? 

Shannon: I am from Davenport, IA. I moved here to be closer to family and to get out of the city before my kids started school.   

Q: What challenges led you to grow into the person you are both within and outside of the company? 

Shannon: I've always had to work for everything I've had (besides when I was a spoiled kid) and haven't had the easiest road. So I think that has taught me to never give up and everything is possible if you just work hard enough. 

Bonus Questions:

Q: If you had to pick just one, what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Shannon: Peanut Butter!

Q: What’s been your most used/helpful app since the beginning of quarantine? 

Shannon: My most used app has probably been TikTok   My most helpful is the good ol Google Calendar to help me keep things straight.

Q: If you had to pick, what are your favorite pizza toppings?

Shannon: Sausage and Spinach! 

Thank you so much for participating in this interview Shannon! We appreciate you! 

Follow along for another interview of Women in Wireless next Wednesday! 

Written by:

Madison Eazsol

Marketing Coordinator 

TEAM Wireless, Verizon Authorized Retailer