Women in Wireless

Series Three - Andrea C. 

What does it mean to be a woman in the technological field? For most of the world, it means being part of the 5:1 statistic. Meaning, for every five men in technology, there is only one woman. When I first saw this, I have to admit, I was pretty discouraged. Being a young woman, in this field, I was mortified by what it might mean for my future. 

As I began my journey with TEAM, some things started to change my perspective. I was in awe by the number of women who held admirable leadership roles. I have come to realize that these integral women are the lifeblood of some of the most important facets of the company. 

Recently, I caught up with a few of these incredible women to do a short email interview about what their experience has been like within the company. 

In our third interview of the series, we caught up with Andrea C. Andrea is the Financial Administrator for TEAM, but has thrown her hat into many other rings within the company. She is always the first to offer help for our various endeavors, and has fostered an environment of happiness and laughter while anyone is near her. We cannot express enough gratitude for all of the amazing things she has done. 

Below are her responses:

Q: How long have you been with TEAM?

Andrea: I started with TEAM in January of 2011.

Q: What led you to starting at TEAM?

Andrea: In 2011, I was looking for a new career path and applied to work at the Escanaba, MI location. 

Q: What role were you in when you first came to the company?

Andrea:  I started as a Sales Consultant and worked as Assistant Store Manager, Executive Office/Training Assistant, Human Resources, Administrative Assistant, and Financial Assistant before landing in my current role.  

    Q: What position are you in currently?

    Andrea: Financial Administrator

Q: Did you foresee yourself ever working in technology/retail? Why/why not?

Andrea: No, I didn’t know anything about cell phones as flip phones were still the most commonly sold model; however, I saw myself working to provide the best customer service experience in any industry...and that is what TEAM Wireless was known for.  

Q: What would you consider the biggest challenge within your current role? 

Andrea: The most challenging part of my role is having the ability to adapt to change quickly and balancing the day to day tasks with ongoing assignments efficiently. 

Q: Is there any leader that you particularly look up to or strive to emulate within your life/career? (Either with TEAM or within the world)

Andrea: The greatest leader I have had the pleasure of working with is John L.  He always has an open door in the event you need anything.  He supervises without micromanaging and allows us to take ownership of our positions. He has taught me to stand up for myself and be a better person both professionally and personally.  He has offered me growth opportunities that I wouldn’t have dreamed possible 10 years ago and I am truly grateful to work for TEAM Wireless with his guidance. 

Q: What’s your favorite memory with the company? 

Andrea: This is hard! With almost 10 years of TEAM memories that come to mind, there are so many! I would have to say that my favorite memories are mostly from the retreats and conferences that we use to develop us professionally during the day and bond our TEAM through entertainment and activities at night. If I had to pick one, it would more than likely be the day Finance beat Operations at Family Feud. 

Q: What’s your hometown/what brought you to the area you’re currently in? 

Andrea: I was born and raised in Delta County and currently reside in the town of Ford River, which is located in Delta County, with my husband.  

Q: What challenges led you to grow into the person you are both within and outside of the company? 

Andrea: With new responsibility and growth comes new challenges.  Every position I have held with TEAM Wireless has had challenges to face, but they were all easy to overcome. Between the tools and resources available to the employees and the support from our leadership teams, there is nothing that you can’t conquer.  

Bonus Questions:

Q: The age old phone debacle… Are you Team Apple or Team Android?

Andrea: Although I am currently using an Apple device, I still believe Android is the superior device.

Q: What’s been your most used/helpful app since the beginning of quarantine? 

Andrea: My most helpful app since quarantine would have to be the Amazon app.  It was so nice to be able to purchase what I needed without having to go to the store. 

Q: If you had to pick just one ice cream flavor as your favorite, which is your go-to?

Andrea: Blue Moon 


We are so thankful to have had Andrea take some time to answer our questions! We appreciate you beyond belief! 

Follow along for another interview of Women in Wireless next Wednesday! 

Written by:

Madison Eazsol

Marketing Coordinator 

TEAM Wireless, Verizon Authorized Retailer