Women in Wireless

Series One - Tarrie N.

What does it mean to be a woman in the technological field? For most of the world, it means being part of the 5:1 statistic. Meaning, for every five men in technology, there is only one woman. When I first saw this, I have to admit, I was pretty discouraged. Being a young woman, in this field, I was mortified by what it might mean for my future. 

As I began my journey with TEAM, some things started to change my perspective. I was in awe by the number of women who held admirable leadership roles. I have come to realize that these integral women are the lifeblood of some of the most important facets of the company. 

Recently, I caught up with a few of these incredible women to do a short email interview about what their experience has been like within the company. 

In the first edition of this mini-series, our focus is on the wonderful Tarrie N. Tarrie was the first person I had spoken to from the company, and she made quite a lasting impression. She is one of the most pleasant people to work with, and has put a smile on my face on numerous occasions. 

Below are her responses to our interview: 

Q: How long have you been with TEAM?

Tarrie: 6+ years.

Q: How did you get started with (TEAM)?

Tarrie: I came to TEAM in September of 2014 I had been in the non - profit and manufacturing sector for years prior and TEAM stood out to me because it was a new position in the company  where I could use all of my skills and knowledge.

Q: What role did you start in when you first came to the company?

Tarrie: Human Resources Specialist. Then moved to Human Resources Manager.

    Q: What position are you in currently?

    Tarrie: Director of Human Resources

Q: Did you foresee yourself ever working in technology/retail? Why/why not?

Tarrie: I was not familiar with the sales/technology world when I started. It was a huge change for me even in an HR role nothing was the same as what I was used to. It was refreshing and such a great fast-paced environment.

Q: What is the most challenging part of your current role? 

Tarrie: The ever changing world of state and federal guidelines (COVID has changed everything so much and it is all so fluid now).

Q: Is there any leader that you particularly look up to or strive to emulate within your life/career? (Either with TEAM or within the world)

Tarrie: I have honestly been so blessed throughout my career with so many awesome supervisors and mentors along the way.

If I had to give credit to any of them it would be Gary Gosenheimer, Melanie Beyers and John LeMire. Gary taught me that it is your personality and the way you treat/view others that truly matter in life and make you who you are, that only you know your own potential and if you work hard and treat others well along the way there is no stopping your growth or career. Melanie taught me that women in lead roles are maybe not as prevalent as they could, or should, be. But also, what we do with our roles to promote those that deserve it without the gender being a possible obstacle. That being a female in a lead role you need to know that if you plan your goals and do not let small things bring you down then there is nothing  in the way of attaining those goals. John taught me and continues to teach me every day that caring for your company (I mean truly caring for the company and all those in it) is the most fulfilling part of a position. That getting to the position is not the hard part but keeping the love for what you do and the company you do it for. My position here makes me so honored to be a part of TEAM and I honestly would never want to work anywhere else. 

Q: What’s your favorite memory with the company? 

Tarrie: Standing in a room full of sadness for my dad’s wake and the feeling of family, no... of love that washed over me when so many of my work family came to support me on the hardest day of my life thus far.

Q: What’s your hometown/what brought you to the area you’re currently in? 

Tarrie: I grew up in Marinette, WI and had always wanted to live in Escanaba (ever since high school playing tennis against them). So when the opportunity presented it was just perfect.

Q: What challenges led you to grow into the person you are both within and outside of the company? 

Tarrie: The hard stuff!!! The stuff we don’t like to remember or that we enjoy as it happens… That is the stuff that makes us who we are, without the scars of getting to your goal you would not be who/where you are, embrace the HARD it molds you.

Bonus Questions:

Q: If you had to choose, are you more of an Apple or Android person? 

Tarrie: Android for life baby! :)

Q: Probably the toughest question... Favorite ice cream flavor? 

Tarrie: Salted caramel

Q: Favorite pizza topping? 


Thank you to Tarrie for her help with this project!

Follow along for another interview of Women in Wireless next Wednesday! 

Written by:

Madison Eazsol

Marketing Coordinator 

TEAM Wireless, Verizon Authorized Retailer