Device Protection Open Enrollment

Justin Burford



Keeping our mobile device safe from cracked screens, drops, and water damage is a constant challenge. For a portable electronic that travels with us everywhere and anywhere, our wireless devices are constantly put in danger. Many of us have lost a device in our own homes, accidently placed in our washer or yes, even toilet bowl. the stress of losing or damaging a device combined with the unexpected cost or replacement can turn into one of the biggest pain points of modern life. For many, a wireless protection plan provides the peace of mind needed to navigate the perils of our modern environments. But what if you declined a protection plan at time of purchase? 

If you declined a protection plan on your Verizon device during purchase, you can now add Total Mobile Protection at TEAM Wireless during Open Enrollment. Total Mobile Protection covers loss, theft, and damage. Yes, even water damage! When needed, a next-day delivery of a replacement device can be issued.

To qualify, bring your own device that meets the following criteria:

Pricing for Total Mobile Protection for a single device cost: